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We proudly present our ‘Select Patio & Garden’ range of outdoor roses for use in gardens and on  patios. The brothers Dennis and Michael de Geus grew up at a nursery specialising in cut roses and developed a passion for roses at an early age. Besides breeding new cut rose varieties, Dennis and Michael focus on developing a special range of outdoor roses for consumers. The roses that are selected for this Select range must grow into compact plants that produce an abundance of flowers.

Before the Select roses are marketed they undergo an extensive selection procedure in greenhouses and outdoors. The criteria used in this selection are winter hardiness, perpetual flowering, health and compact growth.Thanks to a special cultivation method developed for patio roses, we are able to supply flowering rose shrubs with a well-developed root ball in the months of April and May already. These roses will look lovely on your patio, but also in your garden. Click here for planting instructions for garden and patio roses.

If you would like a beautifully flowering healthy rose, ask your retailer for a Select– rose. We hope you will enjoy your rose!

Dennis en Michael de Geus