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For the introduction and sale of cut roses, Select Breeding works with various agents that act as regional representatives for the Select Breeding range. Only the African market is serviced directly by Select Breeding. View the world map for an overview of the various agents by continent.

  • ICON Selections S.A.S.
  • Select Breeding
  • Yuxi De Ruiter Flower Co Ltd
  • Tokoza

South America

  • ICON Selections S.A.S.
  • Contact: Jan Haaksman
  • E-mail:
  • Mobile: +31(0)6 462 33 818
  • Skype: jhaaksman
  • Location Testing facility:
  • Flores el Tandil
  • Zipaquirá
  • Sabana de Bogotá
  • Colombia
  • Altitude: 2.600m

South Africa

  • Tokoza Roses Pty ltd
  • Contact: Mr. M. De La Porte
  • Address: PO box 32, Machadadorp 1170, South Africa
  • Mobile: +27833884522
  • E-mail:


  • Yuxi De Ruiter Flower Co.,Ltd
  • Contact: Du Xiujuan
  • Address: Chi Ma Village Group 12, Daying Street,
    Hongta District, Yuxi City, Yunan, China
  • Mobile: +86 18908778634
  • E-mail.
  • Contact: Mr. E. Koks
  • Mobile: +31(0) 655803199
  • E-mail: 

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