Nursery and main facility in the Netherlands

Our site in the Netherlands forms the heart of our business. In our modern 5000 m2 greenhouse, we carry out extensive cross-fertilisation on cut roses, garden roses, and patio roses.

The first and second selections for the cut roses are done here in the Netherlands. The new codes are then sent to our sites in Kenya and Colombia, where further testing and selection under local cultivation conditions is conducted. Each year, about 800 new rose varieties are sent to the testing facilities for further selection.

Testing facility in Naivasha, Kenya

Since 2012, Select Breeding has had its own test and show greenhouse in Kenya. Starting in 2022 these were placed at Nini Flowers in Naivasha, at an altitude of 1920 m. In the 5000 m2 show greenhouse, the latest cultivars are tested and the commercial varieties planted are available for viewing.

Testing facility in Bogota, Colombia

Select Breeding has been active in South America since 2014, thanks to our extensive collaboration with Icon Selections, the exclusive distributor of the Select Breeding range in Latin America. The Icon Selections testing facility and showroom are located at the Flores el Tandil nursery in the Bogotá savanna region. The 3000 m2 showroom is situated at an elevation of 2600 m.    

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