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Select Breeding is a rose breeder that specialises in the cultivation of medium- and large-flowered cut roses. New cultivars are developed for African, European, and South American breeders. Our twenty-five years of practical experience in the Netherlands, Colombia, and Kenya have provided new insights and a unique vision. Years of experience in research and testing has led to a specialised breeding method. This method allows Select Breeding to develop new cultivars that meet the highest possible standards. However, despite all these innovations and a scientific approach to breeding, Select Breeding has never lost their feel for roses.


In addition to cut roses, Select Breeding has also created and introduced a unique series of garden and patio roses. This series is specifically developed for unheated greenhouse cultivation in Europe and North America for breeders who wish to grow their roses in pots without the intensive use of labour or energy. These roses are characterised by their abundant flowers, scent, and health - and of course they are winter hardy


Select Breeding was founded by Dennis and Michael de Geus. Born and raised on a rose nursery, the two brothers’ passion for roses started in childhood. After completing their studies, they began working in the family business, where they gained extensive expertise in rose cultivation. Fascinated by the process of developing new varieties, they started moving into the rose breeding field 25 years ago. They have incorporated their experience as growers into their current breeding process. This expertise ensures that Select Breeding can anticipate the grower’s needs.


Over the years, the business has developed its unique vision about cultivating and growing roses, a vision that aligns with the goals of Select Breeding. Working together with growers and purchasers during the development and introduction of new varieties is a central aspect of the company’s philosophy. Select Breeding’s breeding programme takes into account specific cultivar characteristics that rose growers from different climate zones and markets require. The development of high-quality cultivars, linked to an exclusive and responsible issuance policy, results in an excellent yield of new varieties. Select Breeding is proud of its “Sense for Roses”.

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